Meet Marie …

Executive and Life Coach, Marie Snyman-Jacobs has almost 22 years of experience in the field of facilitation, coaching and personal development. Early in her career she worked as a trainer and coach in the public sector until she founded Arpeggio Consulting in 2004. Today Marie is a trusted coach for business executives across the country and across industries. 

Marie’s coaching philosophy and approach

I don’t believe you can coach effectively by just applying one discipline or approach. The fact is that most individuals are exactly that, individual. My approach is to be truthful with the individual as to our mandate and their goals. My coaching style is holistic, values based and emphasises the whole person.

I am a dynamic, energetic and a focused listener with a natural ability to guide my clients with a safe and thought-provoking approach, while being professional.While the content of my work varies, my specialty area is in working with thought patterns and interpersonal behaviour.

Behavioural change comes about as a result of a synthesis of insight, understanding, choices and self-discovery.